Using the following script, you can batch archive your scenes with assets.
The process is very simple.
All you should do is run the “Batch Render&Relink*”, specify the folder(s) or 3ds max files, set the target folder where you want to save the archives, and in a short while all the archives you need for your work at home or for rendering on the render farm are ready and waiting.

*Applicable to the utility “Batch Render&Relink” what shipped with 3rd version of Project Manager

  1. Add files/directories for archiving max files
  2. Specify collect path (do not forget to specify the maps folder as relative)
  3. Specify search directories
  4. Turn on the option “Batch-Search&Collect”
  5. Turn on the option “Collect files”, “Search&Relink” and
    “Fast Mode” (optionally)
  6. Set attached script as post-open
  7. In the script set desired path for collecting archives at line
    local targetDir = sysinfo.tempdir + “archives”
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This feature isn’t included to the plugin by default but available thanks to the Project Manager API. I wrote it to illustrate the capabilities customization of Kstudio plugins using API.
With Project Manager, you can write scripts expanding the features of the plugin in a way that you specifically need for your tasks.
This makes Project Manager incredibly flexible and you can always, if necessary, tailor it to your everyday needs or even to the needs of a particular project.

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