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    Collection of free scripts for 3ds max.
    TrackScripts package include a more than 30 scripts.

  • Sweep Profile
  • Vray Quick-Render
  • EffectsChannelSet
  • Render RenderElements
  • Instance Materials/Maps and more…

Product Description

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Updated December 29, 2015

Commercial Scripts

  • Project Manager – the utility for cataloging and use 3d models,materials, IES,HDRI & etc.
  • FilePathFinder PRO – The Manager for Asset Tracking external links for 3ds Max scenes
  • Batch Render&Relink – rendering the thumbnails and searchcollect the Assets in a batch mode.
  • VrayMultiStageRender – Utility for quick rendering the sequence still images with Vray

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Max File Viewer
Utility for viewing max files and the creation of a preview.
The transition between files is carried out either by double-clicking the file name or with arrow on the side list.
Checkbox Adv. on the top indicates whether to add to the list files for that already have previews.
Be careful when you use the button “Delete” – after it pressed file who choosen and open will be deleted from hard drive!
But before deleting warning appears on the disposal with the possibility of cancellation.

Extended Auto Backup
This script moves the old files with a versioning into to backup folder every time you hit save,
that means that you never overwrite on top of another file, and you never lose anything.

The copy of the open file is saved with the specified time interval in the folder “AutoBack”.

Fix XFrog
Allows correct errors when errors Vray scenes with imported trees Xfrog.
Selects object Xfrog and answer “Yes” to a proposal to
save the scene and no problems from a Xfrog tree.

VRayProxy show as box

Converts all selected objects in the Edit Poly or Editable Spline
depending on the class of the selected object.
Instances links will be saved.
Easy to use in the quad menu.

Set of tools to find and fix the problems with objects and materials in scenes.
* Added the possibility selection materials with reflect, refract, displace and interpolation.
“Missing UWV” function based on script from Alex Cooper

Script to rename the submaterials or the names of the MultiMaterial in the active slot Material Editor.
Name fields are filled in the names of the same name submaterials,
provided that there is no syllable in the name of «mate» and the name of non-empty.

With ctrl-key handled all multimaterials of scene.
With shift-key submaterial name is taken from the field name.
By default, processing is performed only for one multimaterial to ensure
that it was easier to control the process of renaming.

Instance Materials and Maps by Name and Class
v.1.2 – Added the ability to place the similar materials into Slate Material Editor.

Place the instanced materials into Material Editor by pressing the button “Place to Mat Editor”.
Choose the desired material and press the button “Make Instance” for converting all other similar materials to instanced.


  • Management the Material ID and Objects ID.
  • Assigning a wirecolor for objects.
  • Automated creation MultiMatteElement for Vray renderer.
  • Automated creation MatteRenderElement for Mental Ray renderer.

See tutorial “A Short Look at a 3DsMax to Fusion Post Workflow” from Kevin Shane on Cgtuts+.

Render RenderElements
The script for the making colored masks in reflections.
Color nonreflective material is given at random.
The threshold of reflection color defined by the user.
Before rendering Materials with a chosen color will be converted to the absolute mirror.

PhysicalCamLister (VrayCamLister)
Its a simple script for VRay & PhysicalCameras management in your scene.

VrayScatter List
The script to simplify working with multiple objects VrayScatter (details about the plugin can be found here).
*Added a new rollout in which are collected in a list of all properties VrayScatter.
Of the features of the script is worth noting the possibility of creating a simple to use preview VrayProxy.

Export Mesh to VRayProxy with material


Show Map in Viewport
Allows you to include the display of textures in viewport appointed to the diffuse color of material.
When you press shift the display is switched off.

Save the material from the active slot in the library:scripts/TrackScripts/QuickMat

Assign Material to selection”
Allows you to assign material from the active slot for the selected objects, even if you close the Material Editor.

Get Material From Selected”
Places materials from selected objects to the Material Editor.

Select by Material
Selects unhidden and not frozen objects with the material or with texture from active Medit slot, if necessary, opening the groups.
Use ctrl-key for adding objects to current selection.
Use shift-key for select visible, hidden and frozen objects with material from active Medit slot.

Copy Material and Modifiers
Apply to selected objects a material from picking in viewport object.
Use shift key to copy modifiers.

Select by Material
Script fo select objects with Material or texture from Active Material Editor Slot
By default will be select only for visible objects
You can use Shift key for select Hidden and Frozen objects
With Control key uoy can add new selection to current selection

Isolate Selection
Written for the replacement of the standard which is not correct work with frozen objects and xRef.

Save Restore Selection
Allows you to save the set of selected objects.
The set is restored in the absence of singled out or when you hold the keys SHIFT
Use CTRL key to adds to previously saved set of selected objects.
Use ALT key to deducted from a previously saved set of selected objects.

Cycle Coordinate System
Allows you to quickly switch between a standard coordinate system mode «View» and «Local»
at work on the upper level of the facility or «Parent» when using subobject.
Convenient to assign to the shortcut .
1st gear translates the coordinate system to the «View»,
2-nd offers select an object on which will be oriented coordinate system.

Set Selection Filter
Very useful script.
Script for quick set the Selection Filter.

Allows you to create custom filters

for Classes (for example-Box), for Superclasses (for example-Geometry),
Modifiers, Materials, Vertex count or Instanced objects.


Sweep Profile
Script for a quick and convenient applying of profiles to shape with a modifier Sweep.
Included to Trackscripts pack with the 37 prepared to using architectural profiles.

Sweep Profile v.0.99.20

  • Now the default location for ini file and directory with shapes is “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Kstudio\data\”.
  • Fixes some minor issues.
  • Sweep Profile v.0.99

  • Adds support to 3ds Max 2016.
  • Fixes some minor issues.
  • Sweep Profile v.0.97

  • Fixes a bug with adding a new catalog.
  • Fixes an issue with setting a size of profile.
  • Enlarged a size of thumbnails.
  • Adds ability to avto-check for updates.
  • Sweep Profile v.0.95

  • Now size spinners works like as standard 3dsmax spinners.
  • Adds ability to set the size of the profile.
  • Adds ability to set interpolation for profile and path.
  • Adds Favorities Panel. (You can add the profile to the “Favorities” from right-click menu or by drag&drop.)
  • Adds ability to set custom path for profile files.
  • Sweep Profile v.0.80

  • Adds context menu for buttons with items “Delete” and “Explore”.
  • Sweep Profile v0.74

  • Fixes Some issues with rendering thumbnails for new profiles.
  • Sweep Profile v.0.70

  • Adds ability to add Custom Sections to Library
  • Adds support for Max 9SP2
  • Adds ability for Scale section
  • Convert Vrimg to Exr

    This script allows you to convert Vrimg files to EXR .
    It is possible to convert the files into one EXR file with all channels or only selected channels to different EXR files.

    If you like my scripts,
    you can thank me by clicking this button.

    Additional Information

    3ds max compatibility

    2010-2016 (32 bit and 64 bit)

    Supported renderer



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