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      I want to make my hdri library, but i want to use my own modifications on the hdris using a corona output node, the thing is when i save the hdri it does not save it as An enviroment map, instead it saves as a corona shader, so when i plug that map into the enviroment it comes as a shader with all the settings scrambled, is there any solution to this, i attach a video to illustrate things up.

    Plugin version: 2.89
    3ds Max version: 2016 sp4
    Renderer: corona

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      Hello Daniel

      TextureMap saved properly, but as i saw you want place it into MatEditor as map.
      Use the button “Place to Material Editor” like on picture below.

      Place to Material Editor

      In the next version I’ll add ability to place a textureMap to ME as is by holding the SHIFT key.

      Thanks for your question.

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      Perfect Alex!

      many THX!

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