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      I have a question from my team.  We are debating the best way to handle a certain library we are creating, create separate models for a series of signs, or one file that has all the signs in it.

      Anyway, the the sticking point seems to be that whenever you import a model from Project Manager, the object is grouped.  So if I have a one file with several models…it’s one giant group.  Is there away to change this?  As it seems to be default.  Just curious.





    Plugin version: 2.91.07
    Renderer: Vray

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer


      You can merge model without creation a group by double-click on the file or you can hold the SHIFT key when drag model into viewport.

      If you use the SHIFT key you receive a dialog with ability to chose an action. Simple choose a “Merge File” item such on first video in next article.

      Working with Models in Project Manager

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      Hey Alexander,

      Yep you were right!  Turns out most of my team wasn’t on the latest version of Project Manager.  Go figure.

      Thank you,


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