PSVariations interface
This is texture map is work like PhotoShop variations.


This is texture map is work like PhotoShop variations.

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Product Description

This is texture map is work like PhotoShop variations.

You can download demo version which has limited functionality
– saving and loading of parameters is disabled.
If you find this plugin useful, you can purchase full version online using a variety
of payment methods.
After purchasing a full version of plugin you get a free version for network rendering.
It allows you to open and render scenes that use ColorVariation on unlimited number
of rendernodes.

PSVariations (ColorVariation)

Additional Information

3ds max compatibility

3ds Max 2013-2017 (x32 & x64)




unlimited rendernodes included


  • How i can install a VG plugin?

    Copy a file related to your version of 3ds Max to directory “plugins”.
    For example: copy a file *_2017×64.dlm to directory “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017 x64\plugins\”

  • Where i can find a request code for Vg plugin?

    For modifier plugins:
    Apply a VG modifier to any object of scene.

    For textureMap plugins:
    Place a VG texture to Material Editor.

    2) Open a rollout “About”
    Request code for VG plugin

    Autorize a VG plugin

  • Is it possible to use a VG-plugins on render nodes without license keys?

    Yes – each plugin contains a **_net.dlm file – a network version of the plugin.
    You can install it to any computers without registration for distributive rendering.


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