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      I would like to download the tracksripts pack, but when I click on the download button it’s always drops me to the main dowload page.


      Am I doing something wrong?



      On what page did you try to download?

      I tried now and it work to me.

      Thanks for feedback.


      I’am trying to download the script on this page:



      I’ve clicked on every scripts download button on the page, the save as dialog windows appears on every click, only Trackscripts’ and Material Map Floater’s download button does nothing. It looks like just “redirects” me to this ( page.


      PS: I’am using FF 20.0.1 browser, but when I lauched Chrome I can download it. (in Chrome)

      I don’t know, maybe there is a promblem on my system. So, finally I can download the script, but this is a little bit strange. I’am using some Ad Blocker extension, maybe this causes the problem. Thanks for your time.


      PPS: I checked the download link on other computer (with FF) and it worked. So, the problem only affects my system. Maybe I have to do some system maintenance on my computer.


      (sorry for my english)



      I tried download and it work.

      In the both browsers: crome and firefox.

      Also i changed some settings and i hope what download will work on any computer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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