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      Utility for 3ds Max Developers.

      Main Features:

      • Loading the .Net Objects from .NET Framework Class Library.
      • Search for .Net Objects with the desired properties.
      • Load to the list of dependent .Net Objects.
      • Fiilter the list by name the .Net Object.
      • Convenient copying.
      • The built-in note-book.

      Show .Net Property

      Adds support for 3ds Max 2008

      Adds Search TextBox
      Fixes issues with garbage collection (only in max 2010)

      Replacing the Combobox to DataGridCombobox for solving issues with garbage collection (including 2008 and 2009 3dsMax)

      Fixes issues the”Combobox” with Garbage collector – now you can use one version in any 3ds Max Version
      Adds the ability to show properties for global variables
      (for example: you can make global variable MyListView in your script and check then properties in utility)
      Adds the ability to dynamically search for text
      Adds the ability to Execute selected text (You can found this in right-click menu)


      Also see “.Net Property Inspector” from Martin Dufour

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      Will this script still be updated and maintained? It’s really convenient.

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