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      The package of free scripts contains various scripts that were initially written over 15 years ago.
      While some of the scripts have been regularly updated, others have become obsolete and have been removed from the updated package. In addition to this, new scripts have been added to the pack, and some existing ones have been updated.

      The scripts are divided into different groups in the Kstudio menu, such as Align Pivot, Materials, Layers, Rendering, Viewport, Proxy, Selection, Save/Export, Utility, and Other.
      If you wish to learn more about the scripts or download them, you can do so at Kstudio scripts page

      Kstudio Menu

      And a few words about the new scripts, that included to this update.

      Align Pivot

      The Align Pivot group consists of several scripts that help manage the pivot.
      One of them is Align Pivot, which has both Smart and Standard modes with an interface.
      In Standard mode, the pivot is set based on the object’s bounding box, while in Smart mode, it is set based on the object’s surface.
      The script also has an option to set the pivot in local or world coordinates and an offset option.

      Align Pivot (Surface/Standart)

      Another script in this group is Align Pivot to Face, which also has an interface and three modes: Mouse point, Face center, and Surface center.
      Both scripts can be run with an interface and without.
      Version without interface allows to sets the pivot with just one click, using the values specified in the version with the interface.

      Align Pivot to Face

      The Align Pivot (Using Snap) script allows the user to align the pivot using snap to Vertex, Bounding box, or Face center.
      Other scripts in the group include Reset Pivot, which resets the pivot position to default,
      Align Pivot to Center, which sets the pivot to the center of the object, and
      Align Pivot to Bottom, which sets the pivot to the object’s bottom surface using the world coordinates.

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      very good thank you

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