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      I have a few feature requests for the Asset Files tab.

      1. Add Retarget Common Root… that is available inside Max’s Asset Tracking UI.
      2. Add function to send user back to same scroll position after setting paths. There should be a user preference for whether this will scroll to the updated asset or back to where that asset was located in the list before setting a path. This way the user can quickly keep going down the list.
      3. When setting the path, the current paths of the selected assets should be listed in a new drop down list called “Suggestions” (maybe below History) to help facilitate starting a path from the existing paths.
      4. The option for Retarget Common Root… (above) should be available as an option in the drop down where Strip Path is located when more than one object is selected. When done, the common root of the selected assets should be listed in the new Suggestions list.
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      Thanks for your ideas.

      1,2 and 4 – I’m now working on it.

      3. Always present in Project Manager. But in next version I’ll add the label “Suggestions” for more convenience of users. Be note that suggestions list shows only exists paths in two ways – local and network ( if network path is exist )

      Specify Asset Path - Suggestions

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