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      1. Is it possible to add renderer icon in front of thumbnail – same like extension icon;

      2. If i have eg. v-ray scene and corona library in same dir PM could assign proper matarials from library depends of reenerer – like in forest pack:)



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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer
      1. No.  But you can see the renderer  in “Details” view or on “Information” Panel.
        3d model additional information
      2. Please describe more about your second wish.
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      Sorry for late respond.

      Thanks for info. Regards second question. If i got geometry file and matlib for another renderer in same dir (eg.chair_01.max, chair_01_corona.mat, chair_01_vray.mat), PM could recognize or ask which renderer use and overrides materials, so it could be nice HDD space saver. Screen_02 if from FP.

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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        Thanks for idea.

        I’ll add this idea to wish-list.

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      no problem:)

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      and it could work with proxies as well

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