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    Willian Auerbach
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      Lately, the Project Manager has been very slow when applying objects to the scene.

      I’ve tried using the MysqlServer on Win Server, Win10, and Linux, but the problem persists.

      Here’s the issue:
      When I drag an object to the scene, it takes about 1 minute to import. When I use the Merge function in 3Ds Max, it takes 3 seconds.

      See a record of this case

      View post on

    Plugin version: 3.23.61
    3ds Max version: 3ds Max 2024
    Renderer: Corona

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      Just turn off the option “Auto-Relink Missing Assets”

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    László Kerezsi
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      Hi, same problem here. But if I switch from MYSQL to SQLite, dropping the models is working fast again with Auto relinking switched on. So the problem is with SQL, could you please fix it?

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