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      we have a little problem:

      We are in the process of optimizing our 3d library. That needs to move folders oder rename them.
      But we are not able to refresh the actuall folderstructure. For example, when we move folder “chairs” from the 1st Level in to folder “furniture” (also 1st level) with the explorer (not in PM) the folder “chairs” will be red in the PM. Hitting refresh does not change anything. The structure stays like before and “chairs” also not seen in the folder “furniture”

      We use a MySQL Database. Any Idea?

      Best regards

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      If you moving the directories outside the Project Manager i can’t know about this.
      So if possible move the directories using the Project Manager.
      In your case you must add this directory again to Project Manager.

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      Ok. I see. Thank you

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