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      we just bought 3 licences of the PM and looking forward to include it our workflow.
      We have a big 3d collection and want to use the thumbnail render feature to get previews of max files.
      For that matter we tried to adjust the Custom Studio for our need. We want the max content renderd in good quality with vray. Unfortunately we are not able to get satisfying results. The rendering is way to bright and none of the changes like EV setting higher will change the result.

      We took the default studio and changes the camera to a physical (vray) one. Places a endless photobox. And named everthing like before.

      Do you have any tip what went wrong?

      Best regards,

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      VrayPhysicalCamera does not supported.

      Please send your studio for i himself check it.

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Thanks for sending your render-studio

      Please use this notes for render using Batch Render&Relink

      Please change those settings in studio
      1)change a render mode from active shade to production

      render mode production
      2) rename the camera from name “SceneDummy” to any another.
      Only one object what used for fitting objects can have name “SceneDummy”

      3) Setup the renderer using standard 3ds max dialog

      4) Open the settings dialog

      batch render settings
      5) check highlighted checkboxes
      6) set path to your studio

      batch render settings 2
      7) add directories/files to list for rendering
      8) check the checkbox “include subfolders” if need and press the button “START” for start rendering

      Hope this short notes helps you.
      Have a good day.

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      Thank you! Its works now.

      Bute we have to change the studio depending if it is vray or not. But for now we can go through it.

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