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      I tried to drag and drop a texture from PM window to slate material editor, and 3dsmax viewport sloooow down (I need to restart).

      I have been able to reproduce this.

      Best regards.


      Please write used versions of 3ds Max, Project Manager and Windows.
      Please check if you use a latest updates for 3dsMax.
      Thanks for feedback.



      thanks for fast reply.

      3dsmax2016 SP1

      PM 2.25.30

      Win 7 pro french service pack 1

      I drag and drop texture to octane diffuse slot (for eg) in slate material editor


      This is a bug in Octane render.
      Simple assign the octane as current renderer and drag Diffuse material to the Slate Material Editor.
      Without Project Manager of course.
      The 3dsMax will be freeze.


      Hi Alex,

      sorry but I can’t reproduce your problem with octane render.

      All is fine on my system, I can drag and drop everything everywhere with octane in max.

      But when I drag and drop from “texture” project manager to octane slot, max viewport slooow down.


      You right.

      Last version of the Octane contains a big changes in textureMaps and so it stop work.
      I added the support to latest version.
      Soon i post update for plugin.

      Thanks for feedback!


      Thanks for your plugin !!! :-)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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