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      I didn’t realize that I was using a demo version on my new computer, and when I render a thumbnail with octane render in works fine. Then I have installed the full version, and now render is larger, but the JPG is no more saved in the folder.

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      Please generate the bug report (menu “Project manager” ==>> Create support Request)

      Thanks for feedback.

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      Sorry, but there is a problem when sending the bug report…

      “could not find a part of the path….”

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      Please archive the directory “C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAutodesk3dsMax2016 – 64bitENUscriptsTrackScriptsProjectManager” and send to

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      You can do this: create a custom render-preset file and set it as default preset for octane.

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      Thanks, it is working now  :-)

      But I have a problem, my model and its pivot is at origine, but rendered image don’t show model placed on floor.

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      Please send this file if possible to

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      Is it Octane proxy model?

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