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      Hey Alex,

      i do not undestand the follwing thing. When i create a cataolog in the models section and connect severals folders from HDD, i would assume that the connected folders are also catalogs. But they are not. When they are connected i can click on any sigle folder an convert it into a catalog. But there are manymany. Is there any other way?

      The tought about is that inside a catalog the several foldes do not move the folders on the hdd. So we can avoid hard mistakes. Or is there any other way to say ” do not move on hdd”. Like the option “Do no not show delete key”.

      Thanks a lot, Nicolas

    Plugin version: 2.60.29
    3ds Max version: SP4
    Renderer: vray

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Catalog can contains only folders – but not files.

      Main destiny for catalog – this is an ability to place folders from different locations.
      So you can place into one catalog folders from drive C:\ and Z:\ (or from any other location)

      You can disable the menu item “delete” using preferences (Customize->Preferences) – i hope it’s helps you.

      Disable delete folder and files

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      Ok, but the thing i Do not understand: The catalog is a virtual folder. In my oponion all tweaks inside has to be virtual. But they are not. When i move a folder inside the catalog into another folder, the result is also made on hdd. Is this right? I think there has to be a things like a lock. So the danger is banned that nobody in the team destroys the structure on hdd, with “wrong” scrolling and browsing the “virtual catalog” Do you know what i mean.

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      You can move folders between catalogs. And this did not made changes on hdd.

      But of course a folder can be moved to another location in case if you move folder to another folder.


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