• Fixed the issue with slowly applying the material or merging the model at first time after starting the utility.
  • Fixed the issue with keeping the settings of the Target Lights after relinking the ies file.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering thumbnails for Materials.
  • Fixed the minor specific issues when user renames or deletes the directory.
  • Fixed the bug after using the “Reset Settings” option.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with updating the plugin.
  • Fixed a issue with using a custom menus.
  • Fixed a issue with freezing the interface when searching files on Explorer tab.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with setting the directory for searching for ‘Batch Render&Relink’ tool.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with interface in the ‘Batch Render&Relink’ tool.

The license keys generated in the 2.11.00 or earlier version is require updating.
Please use the dashboard for sending a request for update.
The updating is free.