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  • VrayMultiStageRender - Common Settings Tab.



    Utility for rendering with Vray the animations and static scenes
    in 2 stages from a animated camera.
    This approach allows to receive
    all frames with same high-quality Irradiance map in less time.

  • GrowFX


    5 out of 5
    GrowFX is a plug-in for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, allowing you to build any plants and trees.
    You can recreate digitally a lifelike 3D model of any plant,
    from grass and trees to woodland using a refreshingly simple interface and an essential set of parameters that you can set up yourself.

    GrowFX lets you create broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, ivy and many other vegetational compositions.
    Its unique model building tools will help you create creeping plants, entwining scene objects, and shearing plants of any shape.
    Plants may bend around different objects.
    All parameters can be animated.
    You can, for example, create a wind animation, plant growth animation and other kinds of animation you can imagine.

  • Sweep-Profile-Shapes-vol.2

    Sweep Profile vol.2


    41 shapes for using in 3ds Max 2010 and above.
    Ready for using with
    free plugin “Sweep Profile”.

  • Sweep Profile


    5 out of 5
      Collection of free scripts for 3ds max.
      TrackScripts package includes a more than 30 scripts.

    • Sweep Profile
    • Vray Quick-Render
    • EffectsChannelSet
    • Render RenderElements
    • Instance Materials/Maps and more…

  • Scene Material/Map Floater

    Material/Map Floater


    Great script from Jeff Lim for working with materials & texturemaps.
    This version adds support for 3ds Max 9SP2 and above.

  • Sale! Bundle of 3ds Max Plugins and Models

    Kstudio Bundle

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    Now you can buy Kstudio 3ds max plugins & 3d models in the bundle and save up to 25%!

  • Classical Interior

    Classic Furniture


    Collection of high detailed 3d models of classical furniture and lights.
    For 3ds Max 2009 and above with all textures, shaders and materials.
    Ready to use with Scanline and Vray.

    Available in pack with Project Manager with discount.

  • Classic Console

    Classic Console


    Detailed model of the classical console.
    Available in bundle!
    Including Standart and Vray materials.