Polygon Map - 3ds Max Plugin for fast mapping
Polygon Map - 3ds Max Plugin for fast mappingPolygon Map - 3ds Max Plugin for fast mappingPolygon Map - 3ds Max Plugin for fast mapping
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This modifier allow to set planar mapping of selected polygons
and orient map by selected edge or by maximum (minimum) length of edges in each polygons.

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Product Description

This modifier allow to set planar mapping of selected polygons
and orient map by selected edge or by maximum (minimum) length of edges in each polygons.

  1. 3ds Max 2012 or higher

Brief interface elements description:

Parameters rollout

  1. Sets base edge for planar mapping of each polygon by length of the edge
  2.  Group all polygon mapping and set orient planar mapping by one of the base edges
  3. Quadrafity map faces
    – First: Continuity mapping before Link mapping
  4. – Transform mapping tools
    – Reset transform and align parameters
  5. Set up base orient edge and align UV map by U or V axis, set transform center point
  6. Set map channel
  7. Weld new UVW vertices
  8. Set aspect parameter from texturemap used of polygon
  9. Get parameters for the plugin from other mapped polygon
  10. Preset controls

PolygonMap - 3ds Max Plugin for fast mapping

Link rollout

Set up link from one polygon to other for continuous mapping

  1. – On/off link
    – Copy transform, align parameters to next linked polygon
  2. Count of polygon when Loop or Ring or Remove button pressed
  3. – Generate automatic links
    – Map first automatic links before base links
  4. Use smooth face group for generated links
  5. Use angle between faces for for generated links
  6. – By edge
    – By normal
  7. – Select link tool
    – Create new link tool
    – Unlink tool
    – Delete link tool
    – count of all link/number of selected link
  8. Reset transformation for all link polygon
  9. Copy generated links to base links
  10. – Loop link tool
    – Ring link tool
    – Remove link tool
  11. – Select previouse link button
    – Select next link button
  12. – Move selected link to back
    – Move selected link to front
  13. Reverse selected links or all if not selected
  14. Delete all links

Transform rollout

  1. – Fit mapping to polygons
    – Set transform parameters width, height from fit
  2. – Aspect parameter (width/height)
    – Set width parameter from lenght of base edge
  3. – Width of planar UVW map, set width from base edge
    – Height of planar UVW map, set height from polygon oriented by base edge
  4. – Tile U of planar UVW map, flip tile
    – Tile V of planar UVW map, flip tile
  5. Offset U of planar UVW map
    – Offset V of planar UVW map
  6. Rotation angle of planar UVW map

Slice rollout

  1. – On/off slice by UVW map
    – Preview slice on viewport
    – Slice from old UVW map
  2. Fissure slice

Viewport rollout

  1. Show base edges and arrows on viewport and UVW space window
  2. Arrow size in pixels
  3. Show links
    – Base links
    – Automatic generated links
  4. Show UVW space window

About rollout

  1. Show request code and field for enter authorization code

Additional Information

3ds max compatibility

3ds Max 2013-2017 (x32 & x64)




unlimited rendernodes included


PolygonMap Help EN
PolygonMap Help RU

  • How i can install a VG plugin?

    Copy a file related to your version of 3ds Max to directory “plugins”.
    For example: copy a file *_2017×64.dlm to directory “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017 x64\plugins\”

  • Where i can find a request code for Vg plugin?

    For modifier plugins:
    Apply a VG modifier to any object of scene.

    For textureMap plugins:
    Place a VG texture to Material Editor.

    2) Open a rollout “About”
    Request code for VG plugin

    Autorize a VG plugin

  • Is it possible to use a VG-plugins on render nodes without license keys?

    Yes – each plugin contains a **_net.dlm file – a network version of the plugin.
    You can install it to any computers without registration for distributive rendering.

1 review for PolygonMap

  1. 4 out of 5


    After using PolygonMap along with Wall Worm Model Tools, it proved to be efficient in many situations where using the normal Unwrap UVW would be tedious. It does a great job of providing all the tools for complex texturing on models with repetitive patterns or aligning across multiple objects.

    It is however a difficult plugin to understand and with nearly no English tutorials (aside from the explanation on this page which is hardly a tutorial) you’ll get lost very fast. For instance the pick transformation button will do everything except pick the correct transformations, sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t, it’s not possible to realise as of why it does this. Finally, the biggest shortcoming of the plugin is no support for multiple objects, you’ll need to apply a PolygonMap on every single object consecutively to have textures applied across all of them instead of being able to select multiple objects and align all the polygons on all those models in a single go.

    It’s really worth the purchase especially if doing level design within 3DS Max, but it could be improved and ranking up to a perfect score if just a few more tweaks and options were added.

    • :

      Thanks for feedback.
      You can download help here
      PolygonMap Help EN

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