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    Demetrio RuivoDemetrio Ruivo
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      Hi  Alex,

      1st and foremost, sorry for the long email…

      I am a full time corona user currently, and I am converting my old V-Ray libraries from Project Manager (in which i’ve invested a couple of years streamlining them for quick output with fully organized and properly layered props for my scenes).

      I know pixamoon has this script (…/9337230) that will convert a bunch of objects from vray to corona, but I am still worried with RGB values between materials, especially with the white colors in vray (which will hold up until say 220 RGB) and the maximum adviseable in corona (180-190, before it starts blowing out and going crazy with light reflection).

      That is of course poor handling of materials from the original library creators( and mine if directly converted), and it would be nice to have a script that would pop an output node between the last node from SME into the diffuse node of a corona (or vray for that matter) and would clamp the value to something like 180 RGB max on all objects of the scene – Ideally only on bright materials, but that maybe overreaching in complexity from a script creation pov.

      That would make converting some prebought libraries a lot easier to handle in corona, as it is a bit more sensitive than v-ray with those issues… :)
      Would it be possible to have this functionality in the script stated above? I would definitely be very happy if this would be added to project manager.

      A simple script that would just clamp the selected object materials to this boundary would be great as well, but it would be awesome to have it in project manager to handle bought library items, or pre-existing libraries prepared for V-Ray. This would avoid the excessively high albedo in corona altogether.

      Let me know what you think of this, I just converted nearly 100 different windows from vray to corona and I am getting quite annoyed with having to go one by one and ajusting whites from say 223 RGB to 180 in each diffuse slot… :)

      I have quite a few more libraries with sanitary props that I would like to avoid going through by hand. If you can point me in the right direction to create such a script I will try it myself, I went looking for solutions to create nodes between materials in SME, but I am a bit lost along the way, as I am not too savvy with maxscript or python.

      I think you see my point now, let me know your thoughts on this. Again, apologies for the long email.

      Kind regards,

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    Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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      What about script shipped with Corona?
      Is it also doesn’t work correctly?

      Project Manager contains an example script what you can use for converting materials on merged models on the fly. This script uses functions from scripts shipped with Corona.

      You can find it in the directory “\ProjectManager\presets\API examples\” and copy it to the “\scripts\startup\” directory.



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