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      Is it possible to have virtual copies of max files?

      This is for organisation purposes.

      Lets say i have a whale model.
      I will put that in the Animal – Folder
      But the whale is toylooking (Like its made of fabric material)
      So i also want it innside Toys – Folder

      Then i have a folder named after the project the model was made for. So i want a copy of it innside that folder aswell…..

      this means i need to copy it 3 times around innside the library structure.


      Instead i am looking for a way to have virtual copies.
      The “Master” files might be store in the Animal – Folder.

      But i can put a virtual copy in the 2 other destinations, witch then reference to the master location.


      Similar to how it’s done inn Adobe Lightroom.


      I will keep looking in to Catalogs, but right now it feels a bit limited. because it can only work with folders and not per file.

      I have a Furniture – Chairs Folder with 20 chairs. I then want 5 of the max files to go to one catalog and 5 other to a different catalog. As far as i can see thats not possible without moving them in to new folder and then import the newly created folders in to the catalogs. But again that ruins the folder structure in the original Folder.

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      You can use the favorities for this.

      Also version 3 will have the advansed power options for cataloguing files.

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      Ye, i saw the Favorit folder.
      It does exactly what i want. It just gets a bit messy inn there the larger the library grows hehe :)

      Looking forward to see what you have in store for version 3.

      Thanks for the quick reply.


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