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    Fabian Groß
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      Hi Alex Kramer,


      I just bought ProjectManager today. Thought it has some more features than the free plugins/scripts available. As a VRay user and because I am used to a specific preview image, I tried to use my own thumbnail preview scenes for material and model thumbnails.


      The thing is: it does not work. When I open the scene and hit render, I get a nice looking thumb. Even when I setup everything and use my scene (and render settings) I see the finished rendering but in ProjectManager I just see a black thumbnail.


      As a programmer (SnowFlow, SnowPrint,…) I know this problem as it is known for quite some time/VRay versions and has something to do with the VRay frame buffer. It’s kind of annoying to buy such an expensive plugin that hasn’t this well known workaround built in…


      Please excuse me, if it’s not this bug, but as far as I can see this is.


      Best regards


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    Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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      Soon i will post the update for fixing this bug.

      This bug occurs when you render the thumnails for material and using the custom studio and Vray set to use the Vray Frame buffer.

      Now you can turn off the Vray Frame buffer manually or wait for updating. (Tomorrow, i think)

      Thanks for feedback.

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