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      I’m getting this error message when I try to load certain material libraries and I think its only to mat files that I created from within Project Manager.  Has anyone else had this problem??


      I’ve done a lot of looking around other forums and this “Error Loading ParamBlock2” seems to be pretty mysterious and little understood.  From peoples threads its clear its been cropping up for years but due to different issues.


      Any help much appreciated as currently have lost access to my custom material library!



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      I not received other messages about the same bugs.
      Please generate a bug-report (menu “Project manager” ==>> Create support Request)
      and attach a problem material file.

      Thanks for feedback.

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      I’m getting the same problem.

      Last time I had it when I added an XMap material (plugin from VizPark).


      Is there anyway I can access the mat file and remove any problem materials??  As I can no longer access the mat file from with Project Manager or 3ds max material editor.


      I’ll submit a support request now with a copy of the mat file.



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      Please attach the material library with problem.

      As I can no longer access the mat file from with Project Manager or 3ds max material editor.

      Did you mean that 3ds max can not access то material?
      In this case the Project Manager also can not work with this material.

      Thanks for feedback.

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      One from your materials contains the XMap material.
      Check if you really remove it.

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      But thats the problem – I cant access the .mat file because i get the error msg so I can’t remove the XMap.  Is there another way to view/edit a .mat file?



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      Sorry – I wrote incorrectly.
      I mean – try to delete the plugin that used by xMap material – vp_xmap.dlt

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      So you are saying uninstall XMap and then see if I can open the .mat file in max?

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      Yes – uninstall the Xmap.

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      Thanks Alex – really appreciate the quick response.  I’ll try that and let you know how it goes – just cant uninstall it right now as busy on a deadline for a job thats using a lot of XMap.


      Presumeably you dont have XMap installed?  So you can open the .mat file ok?  If so, any chance you could delete the XMap material and send it back to me??

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      Ok – i sent  the materials to you.


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