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      Just started working with Project Manager and trying to add our collection of Vray materials to the material tab to organize them in a sensible way. I can create catalogs just fine but when i right click to try to add a material (from the material editor) to the catalog, the option is grayed out no matter what I try. What am I doing wrong?



    Plugin version: 2.60.28
    3ds Max version: 3ds Max 2016
    Renderer: Vray

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      You can store materials only in material library.
      TreeView on top-level can contains a virtual catalogs or directories from hdd.

      A directory(folder) can contains a material libraries
      So you must add an existing directory from hdd with material libraries or create new material library for storing a material.

      Material TreeView

      Create new material library




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