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      hello alexander

      can I share the projectmanager ?? over net so that all of my co-workers have an updated version of it and we do not have 3 different ones?

      is there an ini file for the pathes or something other?

      best regards


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      ehm… alexander?

      if PM would be network-compatible it would be the best organization tool in the world!!! :)

      please reply if it's possible or not.


      thank you in advance


      best regards


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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      You can use the PM for work at the Network
      It is unclear what you mean.
      You can add network folders in the PM.

      In the future I plan to make possibility to use the common database for network users.

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      Hello. I have all my assets in a LAN server, and have 5 workstations that access them.

      Can I do a centraliced database?

      how would this work?


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