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      Hy, first of all we are super happy with project manager it speeds up our process a lot!

      we have notet some low loading times in the materials sections.

      the thumbs are 800px square and browsing through the library seems to reload the thumbs every time when we switch the .mat library, can this be server related? our 1gbit network doing around 110mb/s up and down, server is a synology ds415+, the database is stored on this server as mysql.

      can the thumbs be stored localy on a ssd for faster loading?

      thanks for advice



    Plugin version: 2.91.40
    3ds Max version: 2018 SP4
    Renderer: Vray 3.60.04

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      By default the cache is stored by path “%localappdata%\Kstudio\data\cache\”

      You can change path to desired from “Preferences” dialog

      Path to 3ds Max Project Manager cache

      Thanks for your question!

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      yeah, i lokked into that but it also loading the thumbs on switching from one matlib to another.

      is there a other workaround?

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