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      a smal Question..  When i drop an Object  for example a Xfrog tree to my scene, and change the material for example from Standartmaterials to Vray materials or change geometry…


      is there a “one-klick” solution to save these changes back to my libary object ?





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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Use “Save Selected”

      Save Selected 3d model

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      i allready found this.  But as i have seen , you Still need to specify the path and the name, to save it . Right ?

      is there a way, to do this with on cklick ?  Some sort of shortcut, as fast as dropping an libary object to the scene ?



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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Path in file dialog equals to current path in Project Manager and file-name equals to the model name.
      As a rule you simple can press the ENTER key.
      So it’s looks very simple – press the button “Save selected” and press the ENTER key.

      Save selected- file_dialog

      Also as bonus – using this dialog you can specify a version of 3ds max for saving.

      Save selected - file_dialog with addiobal options

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