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      Hey guys,

      I´m using the demo and I have a question before I buy. I have a huge library that I´ve been creating for more than 4 years. The thing is that every file on this library is on a different folder.

      So for example, I have the folder Lights, inside I have Ceiling light, Wall light, Floor Lamp, etc… Inside the Floor Lamp I have another 20 folders, each one with a different kind of Floor Lamp. Is there any way to put everyone together just on the Project Manager? Because I don´t want to create another folder and drag every 3Ds max files and the respective thumbnail.





    Plugin version: 2.89.20
    3ds Max version: 3ds Max 2018

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Hello Julius.

      I think the option “display files in subfolders” will help you.

      Use the option in the Preferences dialog ( PM’s menu “Customize”->”Preferences” ) for change the  directory’s level.

      Also you can use the “Favorities” directory to put everyone files together without moving it on HDD.

      Also version 3 will have a new capabilities for organizing your assets.

      Thanks for your questions.

      Show files in subdirectories

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      I think this will work (it´s not available on Demo version).


      Thank you very much!

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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        Yes – sorry, the ability to show  files in sub-folders is available only for full version.

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