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    Mustafa Beytekin
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      We use octane render and we don’t use vray. But when opening project manager, the program is searching for vray folder and won’t open.

      It opens when you install the vray demo, this time it crashes randomly when throwing an object as xref.

      The previous version did not crash that much. how can we upload it?

      As a team that has been using project manager for a long time, the last few updates cause us constant problems. We share it on the forum but we can’t get a solution. This last update lost us 2 days. Imagine that import xrefs cause random crash in a large project. Each time we open the project again and take the objects with merge.
      Believe me, I will not use it for another minute if you have an alternative. but we have built our entire library on project manager for years.

    Plugin version: 3.14.32
    3ds Max version: 2021.3
    Renderer: Octane Render 4

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      Very strange, because Project Manager does not require VRay for working.

      Please generate the bug report.
      You can find this option in the main 3ds max menu “Project Manager” ==>> Create Support Request.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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