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      We have an weird bugg. Max crash when we want to save our scene. It appears only on 1 PC. We have 3DSmax 2016 + SP2 installed. It’s not a problem with PM, but i guess you are using some Microsoft features (Like Framework 4.5 ?)

      Can you give me all requierement needed by PM ?




      Maybe this is a bug in the scene.

      Try merge the scene to the new 3ds max file.

      Sometimes it can help.


      Hi Alex,


      It’s not problem with our scene since an other computer (with the same hardware config) can use it successfully. 


      I saw 2 error in the event manager : core.dll and MSVCR110.dll


      I’ll keep investigating !


      Try update the Project Manager to latest version if required or reinstall the 3dsmax.


      I just did it => 2.14 (works perfectly) to the 2.27 (crash when we want to save => I just click on “save as” and BOOM. Crash…)


      I updated DotnetFx45, vcredist_x64, windows update… Are you using others microsoft libraries … ? Or something changed from the 2.14 ?


      Please find me in monday on skype:alexkstudio.

      So we faster find solution.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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