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      We have an weird bugg. Max crash when we want to save our scene. It appears only on 1 PC. We have 3DSmax 2016 + SP2 installed. It’s not a problem with PM, but i guess you are using some Microsoft features (Like Framework 4.5 ?)

      Can you give me all requierement needed by PM ?



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    Alexander Kramer

      Maybe this is a bug in the scene.

      Try merge the scene to the new 3ds max file.

      Sometimes it can help.

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      Hi Alex,


      It’s not problem with our scene since an other computer (with the same hardware config) can use it successfully. 


      I saw 2 error in the event manager : core.dll and MSVCR110.dll


      I’ll keep investigating !

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    Alexander Kramer

      Try update the Project Manager to latest version if required or reinstall the 3dsmax.

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      I just did it => 2.14 (works perfectly) to the 2.27 (crash when we want to save => I just click on “save as” and BOOM. Crash…)


      I updated DotnetFx45, vcredist_x64, windows update… Are you using others microsoft libraries … ? Or something changed from the 2.14 ?

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    Alexander Kramer

      Please find me in monday on skype:alexkstudio.

      So we faster find solution.

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