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      Hello. I’m using trial verson of FpFpro and I find it quiet useful for batch network assignment.

      One thing though that I can’t get my head on is  the meaning of Status ‘Found’ as opposed to ‘OK’ . In pratice, the meaning of which is that the network nodes can’t use such bitmaps. This happens mainly with Tiff format.

      In theory, if I would clone those elements to PNG of JPG it would fix it, but it seems it’s possible, those files persist on having Found status.Anyone had an experience like that?


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      #Ok :

      The file was found at the specified location.

      #Found files:

      The file was not found at the specified location but was found in one of the search paths(“Configure External File Paths” dialog) – Please not set a big number of paths!

      #Missing files:

      The file was not found at the specified location and was not found in one of the search paths.

      For fix files with #Found status go to FilePathFinder menu “Tools” and press item “Resolve Paths”


      Note: For network rendering all files must be visible for all network render-nodes.

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