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    John Shulters
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      Hi there. I noticed that if you create a Fusion with the default “Materials: from nodes”, and then later assign custom materials (to either the nodes or the Fusion object), the originally generated Standard Legacy materials (with diffuse colors generated from the node object/wire colors) stick around and can’t be removed either by applying new materials or using the UVW Remove utility. And when you copy Fusions around the scene, you end up with a bunch of duplicated materials that aren’t being actively used and clog up the “Scene Materials: Filter Selected Objects” panel. Am I just missing a way to remove these old unused materials, or do I need to make sure that when I create a new Fusion, I first need to change to “Materials: Custom materials” so these Standard materials don’t get generated? BTW, I’m using the latest versions of all software and plugins, as of May 15, 2024.



    Plugin version: 1.275.168
    3ds Max version: 2024.2.3
    Renderer: vray 6 2.1

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      Please try version
      You can download the latest version from the dashboard.
      Auto-updater will be triggered in a few days if there’s no critical issue found.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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