Receiving licenses:

  • After buying a license, a customer receives access to the dashboard.
  • Generate the identification file(s) on the computer(s) that you will be used for work and upload the id-files using the dashboard.
    Above you can read how to generate identification files for multiple computers.
  • You will immediately receive a license file(s) to email.
  • Also you can always download licenses from the dashboard *.
Updating the existing license to new (for example after changing/upgrading a computer ) a very simple:
Each user can update the license by themselves without bothering an administrator.
All that he needs – this is a previous license key.

  1. Open the “Registration Dialog
  2. Click the “Move License” button.
  3. Choose from the opened window the license file which used previously.
  4. The request for the transferring will be automatically sent to the server and updated immediately **.

License Server support will be added after the releasing of the 3rd version.

* Please use your permanent e-mail box (same as you use at purchasing).
You can always restore the password on the page Restore password.

** Only if a license upgrade is rare.

Upload the id-files using the dashboard
Upload the id-files using the dashboard
License Dialog
License Dialog