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Easy to organize and use 3ds Max models, materials, textures and lights.
Merging models, materials, bitmaps and IES using drag&drop.
Interactive rendering previews for materials and IES photometric files.
Show native previews for 3ds Max files, HDRI & etc.
Support to Substance textures
Search files by ...

This utility will help you with organizing
and using materials and maps in the 3ds Max.
Assign materials to models.
Manage Assets for Material Libraries
Cataloging Material libraries
Full support to all types of Drag&Drop (Cataloging, assigning & etc.)
Interactive rendering previews for ...

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This plugin allows you to set up gradient ramp for object edges

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This plugin allows you to blend multiple texture maps together using various blend modes such as add, screen, overlay multiply, similar to Photoshop layer blending.
Each layer has it's own opacity control and mask slot.
Main purpose of this plugin to aid in creating complex multi-layered mixed textures on the fly, without ...

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This is texturemap –
you can use only one material to randomize base color or
other texturemap and apply new to
nodes, faces or IDs of object faces.

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This is texturemap – you can replace color from othe map to new

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This is texture map is work like PhotoShop variations.