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    Jozef Prievoznik
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      I would like to catalogize my models this way:


      – create new catalog “Vegetation”

      – create virtual folders (they are not physically created on my HDD): Trees, Shrubs, Grass, Flowers

      – put individual 3d objects into this folders as shortcuts


      This way i can add f.e. shrubs from various libraries – Evermotion, HQ Plants, iTrees….

      without need to reorganize them on my HDD. The principle is to pick only some objects

      from various folders and put them together.


      Are there any plans for such features?

      Best regards,



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    Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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      The Project Manager always supported for virtual folders (catalog).
      You can place into one catalog a folders from any locations.


      The 2nd version of “Project Manager” will be supported for Favorites folders.
      It will let to place into the Favorites a folders and files.


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      I second the wish from jozef!

      it could work like the “collections” in adobe lightroom.

      or learn PM to read *.lnk files and folders, then you can organize it this way.

      but something have to happen, because if you link a folder let’s say from archmodels 124 and take the folder “vray” for all models for vray, then you see only “vray” and that’s nothing, you don’t know what’s inside.


      thanks for a solution in the next version.

      ps. when will it be released?



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