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    Francis Lessard
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      Hi. In project manager 3:
      I would like to view every models that do not contain a category/tag.
      Is there a way to do that? If not can you add this feature please.

      I tried to use the Filter in Regex mode but that not working properly when searching by categories.

      Maybe this can be done by adding a “categories” collumn in the details view (F10)

    Plugin version: 3.18.39
    3ds Max version: 2021
    Renderer: VRay

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      Thanks for your idea.

      It sounds interesting.

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      The version 3.35.50 gains the ability to filter models by options like exist/or no comments, category, 3Ds Max version, renderer,  and image preview status.
      You can download this version from the dashboard.
      Auto-updater will be triggered in a few days if there’s no critical issue found.

Viewing 3 posts

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