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      Hi support, i`m new to 3DS Max v-ray, come from C4D. Couple questions

      1) Your V-RAY material template have Diffuse Color space transfer function Inverse Gamma 0,455, rest maps Inverse Gamma – 1, is it necessary? V-ray 6 support 2.2 gamma natively now? What purpose of that? My material looks different than texture for diffuse i use, more contrast and dark.

      2) I’m trying to make own template in Textrures  – PBR settings, i watched your video, but all i do is overwriting of original v-ray template, not adding my own.

      What i’m doing wrong?

      Edit Template Vray – Duplicate material – change template – change title of material – click save and exit and i got v-ray template overwrite :(


    Plugin version: 3.18.77
    3ds Max version: 2020
    Renderer: Vray 6

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