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    Tomas Val
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      Hi there,

      When trying to preview folders with PNG files on them in the texture browser, PM crashes and brings Max along with it.
      As weird as it sounds it seems to only happen when the folder has PNGs – as folders with Jpegs seem not to cause PM to crash. (Even when converting the files from PNG to JPEG)

      Any insights?

    Plugin version: 3.22.10
    3ds Max version: 2020
    Renderer: Vray 5

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      Please generate the support request and attach a few from these PNG files.
      You can find this option in the main 3ds max menu “Project Manager” ==>> Create Support Request.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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      Thanks for sending the bug-report.

      The issue you’re facing is generally linked to a group policy within your computer’s system settings.

      Specifically, the error seems to arise because your antivirus software is blocking ‘exiv2.exe’, an integral component of our application located at “%localappdata%\Kstudio\application\exiv2\”.
      This component is essential for reading and writing metadata from image files.
      Therefore, every time you open a folder containing image files (PNG, TIF, PSD), the application attempts to read metadata from these files but encounters a blockage imposed by your system.

      To help resolve this, here are a few potential solutions:

      1. Review Your Antivirus Software: Antivirus software can occasionally interfere with the operation of certain applications. Please check if our application or its components are being blocked or limited in some way. If this is the case, you can add the path (%localappdata%\Kstudio\application\exiv2\) to your antivirus exclusion list.

      2.Reach Out to Your IT Department: If you’re utilizing our application within a workplace or other corporate environment, there may be certain security measures in place that are contributing to this issue. We recommend contacting your IT department or system administrator to discuss this problem.

      3. Run 3ds Max as an Administrator: By right-clicking on the 3ds Max shortcut and selecting “Run as administrator”, the application can operate with elevated privileges, potentially bypassing these restrictions.


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      PS. The next update will use an another method to read meta from images, so this issue will be resolved. But for storing comments to images you still should fix the system settings.

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