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      Is it possible to alphabetically (and numerically) reorder the folders by their names?

      Ctrl + Up or Down doesn’t seem to work…

      The sorting by name works well inside the folders (models by example) but isn’t there any possibility to sort folders?


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      Was it a dumb question?

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

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      Sorry, what I meant was the catalogs not the folders.

      I wanted to sort the catalogs by alphanumerical order.

      They stay in the order they were created, but I’d like to sort them alphanumerically, in order to be able to place 00_trees above 01_bushes for example.

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    Moderator Alexander Kramer
    Alexander Kramer

      Ok – i will add the ability to order the sub-catalogs with CTRL+UP, Down in the version 2.

      Thanks for feedback.

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