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      i just upgraded to the newest version 2.14.20

      i cant render the ies. i havent tried to render the ies using the previous version tho. just bought 6 licenses and just tried it today.


      rendering the thumnail of 3d model works fine. but not on ies. havent tried the material.


      i checked on the setting, and i already change the custom studio on material to ies.max 


      i use vray and already set the setting to vray as default.

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      What you mean not work?
      You receive a black image in output ?
      The IES now has only one parameter – thumbnail size.
      Soon i will add the ability to change the intensity multiplier.

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      it always freeze the 3dsmax and ask the 3dsmax to close and then kick out. it always happened half way the rendering. it only happened with the newest update.

      i tried the previous installer on my other workstation (i have 6 licenses btw) and it works just fine.

      yesterday i also tried to render material this is the scenario :

      1. i havent render any thumbnail, so it still the default preview from the PM

      2. i render 1 of the material on my metal library (i have 10 kind of metal material inside it)  and it works fine

      3. then i tried to render the thumb of 2nd material, it render, but once it finish rendering, the 3dsmax kicked out. first i thought it because i use my own material studio scene, but apprently using ur material.max also happened the same way.

      any advice ? can you check if this something wrong with the newest update ?

      coz i really need to setup my library here. 

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      i sent u a video directly to support and ur email.

      just in case u are not getting it please download it here

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      Thanks for video.
      I did not make any changes, related to rendering the thumbnails.
      It seems that error with computer, windows or 3ds Max.
      Try a next:
      Create the Free Light manually and assign the IES file to it.
      I think after this the 3ds max will be crash.

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