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    Jaster Jasterenko
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      I was expecting the Project manager will allow me to simply precisely replace objects in the scene with other versions of the same object, but I have found there is a pivot shift,
      which results in placement with translation given by the pivot shift.

      Object I need typically to replace is an group of objects with given pivot.
      Pivot of the placed object is however not the same as the group but the pivot of some particular single object within the group.

      It means even if the object are exactly the same, it is not possible to replace the object while keeping it’s position.
      Position is extremely critical as these are ultra-detailed product visualisations.
      Manual adjustement after placement is no-go.

      Any solution?

    Plugin version: latest
    3ds Max version: 2017 latest sp
    Renderer: Redshift/Octane

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