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      I just downloaded the demo and watched the videos on youtube, what I need this plugin for is to organize my materil library, I have hundreds of mateials vray and mr that I did myself or downloaded from sites such as

      I have folder for each category and folder for each material with textures in the same folder such as this screen shot



      I was actually a maya user and I had a great plugin called SUNDAY PIPELINE – It allowed me to just select a main folder and then the subfolders are the categories and then each material in the next sub folder with its textures and render thumbnail –


      Now moving to max – I can’t figure out how this is done like that – do I really have to merge each material library one by one?? this way I will have so many folders in PM and many .mat beneath them unless I drag the .mats to one of them which is much work to do


      What I want for example Is to have in PM – a main Folder say (Vray) benath it the category say (Metal) and when I select it I see all my metal materials thumbnails


      So what should I do to bring my library to PM in organized way?

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