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      So today I launched Project Manager as usual, tried to insert some models from my library but it does not work anymore :

      • Double clicking an asset -> does not work
      • Right-click >merge with default 3ds max dialog -> does not work
      • Right-click >Open with associated program -> does not work

      I do not get any error message. When I try to merge an object, nothing happens at all.

      The only option that still works is merge as XRef scene.

      I tried deinstalling and reinstalling Project Manager but the issue is not solved.

      I’m using version : 3.13.24

      3ds max 2021.3

    Plugin version: 3.13.24
    3ds Max version: 2021.3
    Renderer: Vray

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      Please generate the bug report.
      You can find this option in the main 3ds max menu “Project Manager” ==>> Create Support Request.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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      Please check version 3.13.29

      This bug is resolved.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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