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    Zak BollensZak Bollens
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      Hello, extremely new to Project manager and trying to figure a few things out. Just recently purchased and first thing I am thinking it would be neat to do is populate my manager with my many and various models, textures, materials, etc.

      So I have been familiarizing myself with the basic navigation of the plugin interface and I am navigating to where my textures and models are stored on my drive and the first thing I am wondering is can Project Manager display content within the subfolders of a directory? I have already spent a great deal of time organizing my textures and such already on my hard drive. Lots of my textures are kept in the original folders they came in when downloaded, for instance i have purchased textures from cgaxis, dosch, episcura, hdri haven, marmoset, etc and these would all be contained within their respective folders within my HDRI folder. When using Project Manager to view my HDRI folder, all that I am seeing are textures that are in that root folder. What I would like to do is point Project Manager to my HDRI folder and have it display ALL the image files within that folder and its subfolders. Is that possible? Thanks.

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    Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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      Yes, this feature already presents in Project Manager.

      In the settings you can specify the level of subfolders to scan.

      Show files in subfolders

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