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    Antonius Juliant
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      I have some library that want to see the preview with auto preview,
      the name of files

      as we can see, the max file has similar name with the preview, but different character after that.

      how I can auto preview these files? have been search the tutorial, but still don’t understand how the Project manager work.


    Plugin version: 3.18
    3ds Max version: 3ds Max 2021
    Renderer: Corona 9

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      Use the tool Auto Assign preview to assign the preview.

      You can find it in the menu in the treeview on the selected directories or you can assign for selected files

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    Tim Strode
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      I have a similar issue but the thumbnails are in a separate folder.

      The model name is slightly different e.g. AM207_001_Corona.max and the thumb is M207_001.jpg.

      I have added the thumbs folder as a custom directory now I’m stuck what to do next?

      I have tried Fuzzy similar, very similar and different with no luck. Very different loaded every thumb into every model, so I have 40 thumbs per model.


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