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      Hi I cant seem to add my unc paths, we cant use relative paths, because every user could have setup the disks differently and will cause problems when network rendering, anyone.


      would really appreciate your help



    Plugin version: 2.5

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    Alexander Kramer
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      that´s exactly what i dont want to use hehe, i need them to be like this \\powervault\libraries

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    Alexander Kramer

      Network paths is always supported.

      “Relative” and “network” it’s a different notions.

      You can use network or mapped paths – any what is more comfortably for you.

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      thanks Kramer, but when I try to add the path for the network folder, it doesn´t work, and it doesn´t appear as an option in the dropdown menu

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    Alexander Kramer

       it doesn´t appear as an option in the dropdown menu

      What you mean “dropdown menu” ?

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      I mean this, i cannot map the networks, since it will screw all the files we have been working on.

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      I already mapped one of our drives to test it. but it wont work for us, how do I add a network location with unc naming

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    Alexander Kramer


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      i know, but it doesn´t show them, the drives are placed on a main server, that´s why we can´t map them, it only displays the other pcs that are in the network

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    Alexander Kramer

      Yes you can’t see in browser unknown and unavailable network paths.

      But you can set any path for selected items using the “Set path” menu-item

      Set Asset Path

      Set Asset Path

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      well that´s a shame it wouldn´t work for us in that way


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