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      Hallo Everyone..

      We now use Project Manger for a few days and allready see, it will boost our workflow a lot.

      1. ——-

      Now.. Weve got a Xfrog Libary. Using it , the Max-Objects only have standartmaterials aplied.

      i have seen that in batchprocessing i can bind some external Scripts to the Batchprocess to be performed on the Process.

      What i now need is a script i can use to transform all xfrog trees to Vraymaterials , and maybe i would like to , to change the way, opacity maps get renderted from “normal” to “clip”, as you can tell in the corespontding materials.

      do you know how to do this and which scripts   (scriptspot maybe?) would do this in a good way ?


      thank you



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      Thanks for using Project Manager.

      Please see the answer here.

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