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    Filis Guillaume
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      Plugin version 2.00.65


      The “confirm replace” window keep popping at each file with the same name, even if i check the “save as default” and apply or have the “Copy and rename” option checked in preferences.

      As the folder is huge i can’t do it manually :,( (tried to follow your last “Batch Relink 3Ds Max Scenes/Materials” video)

      Also minor “issue”, i have to cancel twice the batch to make it stop (the window “confirm replace” appears a second time after the first attempt to cancel and i have to cancel again)


      Thank you (for the support and the amazing Project manager plug-in)

    Plugin: BatchRender&Relink
    Plugin version: 2.00.65
    3ds Max version: 2022.3
    Renderer: Vray

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      This issue is fixed in version 3.18.60
      You can download the latest version from the dashboard.
      Auto-updater will be triggered in a few days if there’s no critical issue found.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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