The licenses have no expiration date. The “Individual License” are licensed to a single individual. Up to 2 activations will be provided, intended to enable use of the software by the same individual on both a desktop and laptop computer. A Corporate license is simply a license for more than one person to use the […]

You can buy the software using a variety of payment methods through an online store. The order process is protected via a secure connection and makes on-line ordering quick and safe. Credit Card PayPal Webmoney Wire Transfer Check Phone Fax Mail Money Order And some other VAT information can be found in the shopping cart. […]

You can create leaves using the “Standard leaves” option. Just select the rectangle and set the “Length/Width” proportion to be equal to “15”, for example. Besides, you need to set the path length, to make it equal approximately to the length of a needle and specify the same value for the path step. The plant […]

You need to configure the animation of the main path length (plant stems), and the length of all other branches must depend on this length. Use the “Affects” settings, which define the influence of some parameters on others. Try to influence the length of branches from the main path by using “Parameter: Length”.