GrowFX gains a new interface.
The tool now looks like a modern node-based editor what makes the process of a generation plants more simple.

The latest release also introduces an annual maintenance plan for access to future updates.
The ones who purchased V1 plugin in the last year can get the update and a year of maintenance at no additional cost.

What's new in GrowFX 2.0.0 (Beta)

  • Added a Node Editor instead of standard windows. Now you can see the entire GrowFX data structure, and it will be easier to edit and optimize your plants.
  • Improved algorithm for the Path Reaction modifier.
  • Added Repeat parameter in the Curve node, and you can also connect another Curve node to the Scale factor parameter.
  • Added Use All Distributors option for the Deviation direction modifier, which makes it easier to configure this modifier.
  • Added Parameter: Radius for the Cylinder mesh and Meta mesh, this passes the value of the actual radius at some point. You can also directly pass the radius value to another value, for example, to Offset of the branches.

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